Boxing: Floyd Mayweather’s secret $10,000 tip to help waitress change her life

  • Rob Swan

Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest athletes of all time, and the boxing star is never afraid to let people know it.

The 43-year-old has shown off his vast wealth via social media on countless occasions in recent years.

Scroll through his social media accounts and it won’t take long before you see him flashing the cash or showing off his incredible collection of supercars.

But why does Mayweather, who is reportedly worth £510 million, feel the need to do this?

Well, it’s possible that it’s all part of a deliberate attempt to get people to dislike him.


John Shahidi runs his own company which manages YouTube stars and he recently revealed a story on the Impaulsive podcast which portrays Mayweather in a completely different light.

Shahidi saw first-hand that Mayweather can actually be very generous with his money, provided people don’t know about it.

The boxer gave a waitress $10,000 cash as a tip after asking her what she needed to change her life.

“My first meeting ever with Floyd Mayweather, we went to a diner in downtown Las Vegas,” Shahidi began. “Obviously they all knew him, it’s a place he always goes to, and there was this waitress - he knew her, she knew him - and at the end of the meal he asked her: ‘I just have a question to ask you’.

“This lady was a bigger lady, very overweight.

“He asked her ‘If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?’


“She goes ‘I would get myself out of credit card debt’

“And Floyd goes ‘No, not debt. What would you do to really improve your life?’

“She got all embarrassed and she goes ‘Well, it’s a little embarrassing but I would actually get a breast reduction because I’m so large it makes it hard for me to do any kind of cardio work and it’s affecting my working out - I can’t work out and that’s why I’m the size that I am.’

“Floyd goes ‘Okay, how much do you think that would cost? $6,000 or $7,000?’

“She said ‘Probably, something around there. I haven’t had a chance to look. I work the graveyard [shift] at the diner in Las Vegas.’

“The dinner was done and he goes into a bag and takes out a stack of $10,000 cash and puts it under the envelope where the bill is. He then goes ‘let’s go’.


“I go ‘wow - Floyd that is incredible! We should call the press. We should let people know you did that’.

“He goes ‘No. You are not to ever do that. No-one can ever know that I did that. That’s for me, you and her to know. People are going to want to watch me fight because they want to see me lose because they don’t like me - that’s how I’m going to make this money’.”

That is a fascinating story.

Mayweather didn’t want anybody to know about his generous act because he feared people might like him, and that could affect the numbers of people who tuned into his next fight.

Now that’s a proper businessman right there.

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