WWE news: Drew McIntyre reveals brilliant origin story of Vince McMahon's sword used on RAW

McIntyre's sword has an epic WWE origin story

Drew McIntyre became a two-time WWE Champion on RAW this week.

He beat Randy Orton for the title just six days ahead of Survivor Series, setting up a huge clash with Roman Reigns at the PPV.

It was a brutal no-disqualification affair that lasted over 25 minutes, with both men tearing into each other inside and outside of the ring.  

While the action during the match was epic, McIntyre also caught the attention of fans when he made a very special entrance.    

The Scotsman donned a kilt as he made his onto the stage, before drawing a sword and slamming it into the ground as pyrotechnics exploded around him. 

Pretty cool right? And after winning the WWE Championship, McIntyre revealed how that entrance came about - and how much input Vince McMahon had over it. 

"I was just thinking I’d walk out in a kilt, but obviously he likes to take it a little bit further," McIntyre said of McMahon. 

McIntyre's entrance was epic

"And suddenly we had the sword, then we had the pyro. He was very hands-on with this."

The WWE Champion went on to reveal that the sword is owned by Vince himself and it's actually a genuine Claymore from Scotland.  

"The sword that I had was actually Vince's. I believe the conversation went 'we need a sword, we don't have a sword sir'. [Then Vince said] 'I have a sword'. 

McIntyre borrowed McMahon's sword

"I believe Hunter and Stephanie were in Scotland and they got it from a legitimate sword manufacturer. I'm from Scotland but I've never seen the sword store!

"They went out of their way to get him a legitimate Scottish Claymore as a gift and suddenly I'm walking to the ring and Hunter says 'didn't I get that for Vince?'" 

Brilliant! Sometimes WWE gets it very, very right. This was definitely one of those times!  

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