PlayStation 5 launch: PS5 released in Europe and UK has caused utter chaos


Today, the hotly anticipated PlayStation 5 finally launched on general sale in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

It's safe to say the queues have been chaotic and causing havoc with consumers incredibly eager to get hold of Sony’s next-gen console.

It seems to be chaos everywhere you look, with every store facing huge amounts of queues and delays, as seemingly only a lucky few are able to get their hands on the coveted console on day one.

We tried getting onto Currys PC World to see just how much time and effort it takes to try and snag a PS5 today before stocks run out.

It’s safe to say it didn’t go so well after being placed in an incredibly long held up queue…


Yep, you read that right... 167,368 people ahead of us... imagine if we only wanted to buy a mouse or a keyboard!


We then tried again later, and we luckily got down to the lowly number of... 73,595. Madness.

Of course, we aren't the only ones trying either, hundreds and likely thousands of people are struggling to gain access to websites that have got the console up for sale.

In fact, things got so chaotic for Currys, this then happened...

How fuming would you be to find out that your PS5 ordered would be CANCELLED just because of an error on their side of things.

Eagle-eyed opportunists lucky enough to have secured their PS5 are more than taking advantage of the extreme demand.

As the console resale market suddenly bears similarities with the trainer resale market, resellers are listing the Sony flagship on sites like eBay and even StockX for upwards of £700.

It’s safe to assume if you want to beat the chaos and secure one today, you’ll need a sizeable bank balance along with a large amount of luck...

Good luck out there... it's utter chaos!

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