Sunderland takeover: New owners should adopt the same mindset Gus Poyet had

Sunderland takeover news

With Sunderland looking forward to brighter days amid suggestions a takeover could soon be complete, quotes from Gus Poyet in a recent article with The Athletic take on an added poignancy. 

Given how bitterly the Stewart Donald era looks to be ending, fans won't need reminding that new owners do not necessarily ensure on-field success. That isn't to dampen any budding optimism on Wearside but, ultimately, Sunderland have been here before.

Fans, of course are not the problem. Indeed, any new owners would be wise to take what Poyet has said into account as they attempt a restructure of the club. 

When speaking to the publication about how teams are feeling when battling relegation, the former Black Cats chief seemed in awe of the club's support.

Now, having been sacked by the club in 2015 and having no obvious connection to Sunderland other than he was their manager, you might expect him to be a touch more cynical when talking about his former employers. 

Still, Poyet's words should serve as a reminder to the potential new owners as to what they're getting for their money. 

''Football for that city is so important'', said Poyet. 

''I felt that responsibility for the seven to eight months, (knowing) just how important staying in the Premier League was.''

Sunderland takeover news

The EFL has been littered with poor owners seemingly buying clubs for dubious reasons. Wigan are the most recent example of course but Bolton and Charlton have also gone through hell after long stints in the Premier League while the fates of Bury and Macclesfield are even bleaker. 

Clearly, each of those stories among others are desperately sad and, just because one team in particular traditionally has a bigger fan base than the other, it doesn't make it any different.

Still, the North East of England is regarded as a footballing hotbed and Sunderland have been treated badly for long enough. Football is hugely important to the city and even a manager who worked there for a relatively short amount of time felt the responsibility of protecting it for supporters. 

Hopefully, the new owners do too. 

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