Mike Tyson: 13 crazy but true stories that prove there's no one quite like the boxing legend

  • Tom Kelly

On November 22, 1986, Mike Tyson elavated himself to boxing stardom as he was crowned the youngest-ever heavyweight champion.

To this day, Tyson remains a household name, as his abundance of stories would undoudebtly make an edge-of-your-seat Netflix thriller. 

If his cameo appearance in The Hangover is anything to go by, it would be appropriate to assume that Tyson has lived the lavish, action-packed lifestyle that we all probably expected. 

However, these 13 stories best summarise an athlete who managed to entertain, for either the right or wrong reasons, both inside and outside the ring. 

13. The face tattoo

The question is, would some of the freshly-faced millenials be able to recognise Tyson if it wasn't for his tribal face tattoo? Well, this piece of ink wasn't actually Tyson's first choice. 

In a previous interview, the former heavyweight champion revealed that he actually wanted an array of heart tattoos, due to his desire to be known as the 'Man of Hearts'. 

Have to admit, I think 'Iron Mike' has a better ring to it. 


12. Barging into Donald Trump's office and accusing him of having an affair with his wife

Although this is a great story, how much better would it have been if you saw an absolutely raging former heavyweight champion charging around the White House searching for the President? 

Now that would have been a sight. 

On this occasion, Tyson barged into Trump's office in 1988 and shouted, "Could I ask you, are you f***ing my wife?"

Tyson put it quite politely, if you ask me. 

11. The Tyson-Lewis press conference brawl

In the lead up to Tyson's bout with English heavyweight Lennox Lewis back in 2002, the pair simply couldn't wait to meet in the ring - so they started their heavyweight title fight at the press conference. 

As Lewis steps onto the opposing podium, Tyson approaches the Brit and throws the first punch which ignites a major brawl on stage. 

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the continuing elevator-style music whilst Tyson, Lewis and about 15 others are having it out on stage. 

10. Developing a weed ranch

As the grey hairs start to emerge, it's safe to say that Tyson has mellowed out in recent years. 

Now 54 years old, Tyson has turned his attentions to developing a 418-acre, cannabis-themed holiday resort based in California. 

Tyson himself describes it as the 'wonderland of weed'. Obviously. 

9. Bribing the police with a Rolls-Royce

Following a heated argument between himself and his former wife Robin Givens at Burger King, his ex-partner took his car but crashed the Rolls-Royce. 


This crash resulted in a civilian sustaining a broken arm, and when police arrived on the scene, Tyson was worried he'd be arrested. 

In a panic, Tyson offered the Rolls-Royce to the police officers, which they accepted at the time, but an eagle-eyed photographer spotted the exchange and publicly shamed the police. 

8. Wrestling a tiger

Much like many professional athletes, they will undoubtedly miss the glory days of their illustrious careers. So, for old times sake, Tyson swapped the roped ring for an iron cage and wrestled with his pet tiger. 

As we get further down this list, this sort of thing becomes less surprising. 

While being filmed for an in-depth interview about his life, the camera crew manage to capture a video of him playfully wrestling with his tiger. 

7. Kicking Don King in the head

Whether he's in the ring or in the back of the car, Tyson is clearly no stranger to a decent scrap. 

Don King was Tyson's boxing promoter back in the day and the pair came to blows on a few occasions. 

However, in one of their latest disagreements, Tyson decided to kick King whilst he was driving down a Florida highway. 

6. Knocking out the garbage man because of a pigeon

Yes, you read that right. Growing up in the rough streets of New York, Tyson developed an affinity for pigeons. 

One day, Tyson caught the local garbage man trying to put Tyson's recently passed favourite bird in a trash compactor. 

To much of the garbage man's surprise, he was met with a devastating right hook. I think the pigeons of New York had the last laugh there. 

5. Getting a prison official pregnant while in jail 

He may have been behind bars, but nothing was stopping Iron Mike from getting his business done. 

In his autobiography, the former heavyweight champion revealed that he and the prison official would get it on at least three times a day. He also shared that the pregnancy was terminated. 

4. A trainer put a gun to a 16-year-old Tyson's head for messing around with his 11-year-old niece

Even from a young age, Tyson was causing quite the stir. Back in 1983, his former trainer Teddy Atlas caught wind of Tyson messing around with his 11-year-old niece

After recieving the news, Atlas pointed a .38 calibre handgun to Tyson's head. Following the altercation, Atlas was banned from the boxing club. 

3. Tyson had a fake penis

Well, it was fake for the drug tests. It's hardly the biggest secret that Tyson enjoyed the party lifestyle and is no stranger to illegal drugs. 


But the real head-scratcher at the time was how did he manage to pass so many drug tests? Well, his 'whizzer' was his secret superpower.

For drug tests, he used a fake penis which was already loaded with clean urine, which meant he could pass without a worry. 

2. Offered a zoo worker $10,000 to let him fight a gorilla

On this occasion, despite the dazzling figures being thrown around, the zoo keeper didn't let Tyson come toe-to-toe with a gorilla - he was probably worried about the safety of the gorilla, to be honest. 

1. Biting off Evander Holyfield's ear

If you're a boxing fan or simply just don't live under a rock, you would know the story of Tyson biting off Holyfield's ear. 


Nevertheless, it doesn't take away from the fact that, to put it bluntly, it just was a bit mental. 

If you are unaware, Tyson bit Holyfield's ear in the third round in one of the most famous fights of all time. Following the bout, Tyson had his boxing license revoked and was slapped with a $3 million fine. Ouch, for Tyson monetarily and Holyfield physically. 

Well, that's it. A crazy countdown of Tyson's wildest moments. I think I need a lie down, to be honest...

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