WWE news: The Undertaker makes big retirement claim ahead of Survivor Series 'Final Farewell'

The Undertaker is done with WWE... or is he?

The Undertaker is making an appearance at Survivor Series to bid a 'Final Farewell' to WWE.

After a storied 30-year career that has seen Mark Calaway rise to legendary status, he's finally walking away from the ring.

But many fans are still hoping he'll have one more surprise up his sleeve on Sunday. 

Will he give one lucky Superstar the rub on his final night? Or maybe, just maybe, he'll use the appearance to build towards one more match. 

WWE have remained tight-lipped about plans for The Undertaker's farewell, but the man himself has this week hinted that fans shouldn't get too carried away. 

Speaking to ESPN, Calaway revealed that he's finished with WWE.

"In my mind, I am 100% done," he said.

The Undertaker is '100% done' with WWE

"But there's this guy that lives up in Stamford, Connecticut, who lives by the motto, 'never say never'."

Why must you always tease us like this Mark?!

That 'guy' living in Stamford, of course, is Vince McMahon. So it sounds like if the boss really does need him, The Undertaker would return in future. 

Undertaker would return if McMahon asked him

But suggesting that he's '100% done' means it really would take something massive to bring him back. 

The Phenom also revealed that he feels time is catching up with him and that's played a huge part in his decision to retire. 

"I've come to grips with it. I'm at peace with it," Calaway continued. 

Undertaker is ready to walk away from WWE

"I still have the passion to do this. I love it. And physically, if I could do it forever, I would. I just enjoy it that much. But you can't outrun Father Time.

"Physically I'm just not at a point where I can go out and be Undertaker - The Undertaker people expect to see when they pay money to see me wrestle. I'm just not physically there anymore.

"I've got everything out of the sponge that I can get. There's not a drop of water left in it, so it's time for me to walk away."

It's time for The Undertaker to step away from the ring

Be sure to cherish The Undertaker on your screen at Survivor Series, because it sounds like this really could be the last time we see him in WWE

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