Mike Tyson: Who is his wife?


Mike Tyson’s history is full of memorable moments and events throughout his boxing career, but has also made headlines with his personal life.

The heavyweight boxer first married in 1988 to Robin Givens – an American model. The pair wed just 11 months after first meeting each other.

According to Tyson, the marriage was arranged quickly following news of Givens’ pregnancy. However, the couple unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.

Givens filed for a divorce less than one year into their marriage, as she revealed in an interview that she found Tyson “intimidating”.

The story didn’t end there, though. The pair were still seeing each other after marriage, but Givens also began dating Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

The A-list actor had a scare one night, as the heavyweight walked in on his ex-wife and Pitt in bed together, as he pleaded: “Don’t strike me.”

Tyson’s second wife – Monica Turner – married the boxing legend for around six years. The two met in 1990 at a party hosted by none other than Eddie Murphy.


Turner kept in touch with Tyson, including during the time the boxer was convicted of raping Desiree Washington – an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant.

The boxer was sent to jail in Indiana for three years, and Turner visited him almost every two weeks.

Seven years after meeting, Tyson said ‘I do’ in a quiet ceremony. Again, the romance didn’t last too long, with Turner filing for divorce and claiming adultery four years later.

‘Iron Mike’ has two children with his second wife - Rayna and Amir.

Tyson first met his current spouse Lakiha Spicer when she was 18 years old, as she was introduced to the heavyweight boxer after one of his bouts.


However, it was only during the late 2000s when they began dating. The pair got married in 2009, shortly after the passing of Tyson’s daughter Exodus.

Spicer – nicknamed Kiki – has helped Tyson in numerous ways since their marriage. For example, she assisted Tyson with his show on Broadway ‘The Undisputed Truth.’

According to Tyson, Kiki was also a major part in helping him with his battle against drug addiction. He credits his wife with helping him “turn his life around.”

This has obviously helped him with his return to the ring, happening on November 28 with his exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr., and going by his recent body transformation and his training footage, Iron Mike is ready!

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