Ronnie O’Sullivan accuses ref of farting before admitting it was him during Snooker match


We wouldn’t usually comment on snooker’s Northern Ireland Open.

But during Ronnie O’Sullivan’s third-round win against Matthew Stevens, something happened that we just have to write about.

No, it wasn’t an incredible trick shot.

It was a fart.

During O’Sullivan’s 4-2 victory, a fart echoed around the empty Milton Keynes arena.

O’Sullivan looked at referee Ben Williams and asked ‘Was that you?’ The official went incredibly red and it seemed we all knew how the culprit was.

O’Sullivan went on to miss an easy red.


“I don’t know who it was but I’ve got my suspicions,” announced Neal Foulds on Eurosport commentary duty.

“He couldn’t be any redder, could he,” added David Hendon alongside Foulds.

“If he was any redder, he would be one of the balls in the bunch.”

In fact, a tweet went viral that read: “Meanwhile in the snooker the referee just farted so loudly it caused Ronnie O'Sullivan to miss a shot.”


However, after his victory, O’Sullivan took ownership of the fart.

“I dropped my guts. I said to the ref: ‘Was that you?’ We had a laugh out there. He was in bits,” he admitted after the match.


“But I am taking full ownership of that. Am I proud of that? Absolutely.

“I have had bad stomach problems for the last few months. That’s why I couldn’t do the lockdown, the bubble, because of the food. My stomach was so bad.”

Was O’Sullivan simply covering for the embarrassed ref or was it actually him?

We'll never find out...

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