PlayStation 5: 66% of fans ditched work for PS5 launch day


It is clear that fans of the PlayStation series in the UK this past week have had a real struggle watching on as most of the world got to experience Sony’s next-generation of games console on November 12.

The wait, however, for the lucky few UK fans was finally over yesterday, and those who secured the console certainly wanted to make the most of their purchase.

Indeed, according to a survey conducted by, 66% of dedicated PlayStation gamers booked the launch day off work and have blocked out weeks or even months to escape into the latest virtual world.

While 31%, meanwhile, have taken the noble approach of waiting until after work to experience the new console, the remaining 2% have gone for the riskier option of taking a sick day to spend time on their new toy.

The head of recruitment at Executives Mo Alexander, said: “We were really surprised to see these numbers when we first gathered the data, but when you add how this year has gone, you get to see the context behind it.

“This year more than any other, people have accrued holiday days or overtime but nothing to use it on.”

In addition, despite being in midst of a global pandemic, it is easy to forget that there are still people who have to physically travel to work. So they would have booked the day off to ensure that they were home to receive their essential £500 bit of kit delivered by the postman.


When asked, however, about the 2% who have admitted to calling in sick, Alexander added: “What is surprising is that 2% are calling in sick to work so that they can play all day. It is a dangerous tactic as getting caught ‘pulling a sicky’ almost always results in disciplinary action.

“The new PlayStation console launch only comes around every seven years or so, so I can understand why fans are excited, but I could never recommend faking a sick day for it, or any other reason.”

Responding to a Reddit thread on the topic, some comments said the following:

U/Game_Over88 – “Day off? Amateurs I took December as my vacation month just for PS5.”


u/x_scion_x – “I’ll wait till I get off work. I work from home anyway at this point so using PTO (even though I’m up to 90hrs now) would pretty much be a waste.”

u/Sinotyrannus – “I’ve not got any holiday left to take so looks like I’m pulling a sicky!”

So, whatever those of you who have been lucky enough to secure a PS5 have decided to do for the launch day, hopefully Sony’s latest creation will mark the start of a terrific new generation of gaming.

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