Sunderland takeover: French football expert concerned about Dreyfus

Stewart Donald

Sunderland's takeover has taken on an extra hint of spice in the last few days.

Towards the end of last week, it was all about Juan Sartori and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus.

However, Rich Energy CEO William Storey is now also lodging an attempt to buy the club, that's according to the man himself anyway.

Chronicle sources maintain that he is not a legitimate buyer and thus, Sartori and Dreyfus surely have a clear run at acquiring a big stake in Sunderland. 

Stewart Donald is set to keep 15% of his shares but it will be the aforementioned duo who hold the biggest influence over the club if a deal is completed. 

Donald was initially looking for around £40m to sell towards the start of the year but it's now thought an offer more in the region of £22m has been accepted. 

Sartori already has a stake in the club so to everyone at the Stadium of Light, Dreyfus is an unknown figure.

Stewart Donald

Thus, we need to learn a little bit more about him. For starters, he is the son of former Marseille owner Robert Louis-Dreyfus. 

It's understood that Kyril has a £2bn trust fund which is held by his mother Margarita, who is now a minority shareholder in Marseille after selling the majority of her stake in 2016.

The man in question is particularly young, however, and that has raised questions about his ability to take Sunderland very far. That was the opinion of French Football's Johan Tabou who spoke to ChronicleLive this week. He said

"He's only 22 - that age is really young to take on a club. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know if it's enough to be passionate and have money, to then breed success when you take over a club.

"What he must do is be surrounded with people who can advise him well. His father was not surrounded by good people in Marseille. So I think that's why they didn't win a title in his presidency.

"I think the most important point to know is who the other people are who will be helping him and not Kyril himself.

"He knows about football and knows about a popular club because Marseille is one of the most popular clubs in France. He knows all the context. He knows the most important thing will be the people he surrounds himself with.


GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says... 

So there we have it, the major ingredient is clear for everyone to see.

At the age of 22, Dreyfus' experience of football is minor. Although he is a passionate Marseille fan and clearly knows the game, taking on the job as owner of Sunderland at such a tender age is no easy task.

It's one of the toughest gigs in England, especially with the expectations in the north-east and how much football means to the city.

Stadium of Light

He will presumably be well advised by Sartori, someone who crucially already has an understanding of the Black Cats, but he needs to surround himself with other experts on the game. 

A good start would be hiring a sporting director or director of football, something he is familiar with from his days with Marseille. 

Only time will tell how his reign at Sunderland goes.

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