WWE news: The Undertaker admits he was once ready to beat up Shawn Michaels backstage

Undertaker once threatened to 'smash' HBK backstage

The Undertaker has revealed that he was ready to 'smash' Shawn Michaels if didn't 'do business' at WrestleMania 14. 

Animosity between the pair back in 1998 has long been one of pro-wrestling's greatest urban legends and the story goes that HBK was causing problems in the locker room. 

He was set to drop the WWF World Heavyweight Championship to Stone Cold Steve Austin before going on a four-year hiatus from WWE to rehab severe injuries. 

But ahead of the match, HBK had teased not doing the job for Austin, who was expected to be launched into superstardom that night. 

Throw in the fact that just months earlier, Michaels had been involved in the Montreal Screwjob, it's fair to say The Undertaker had his suspicions backstage. 

So to ensure the departing icon put Stone Cold over, The Deadman was willing to take matters into his own hands. 

"Shawn, everyone knows the story, is supposed to drop the belt to Steve. Shawn was being Shawn in my opinion and like I didn’t know if he was gonna do it," he told the New York Post.

HBK needed to drop the belt at WrestleMania 14

"My intention was to make sure one way or another business was done that night."

Michaels went on to confront Undertaker about the rumours years later, but The Phenom admitted he didn't have the heart to tell him the truth when it came up in conversation.

"I felt so bad because our relationship had changed so much that he goes, 'were you really gonna beat me up?' I was like, 'no man that’s just all rumour,' taping my hands up and everything. 

Undertaker was ready to beat up HBK backstage

"He goes, 'didn’t think so. I mean that really didn’t sound like you.' 

"[But] the whole time in my head I’m like, 'I was gonna smash you if you didn’t drop that belt to Steve.'

"But yeah, he’s a completely different person, I love him to death now. But, yeah, that's the story. I was sitting there hands taped ready to do whatever needed to be done." 

Undertaker and HBK are on better terms now

There we have it, one of WWE's most notable urban legends is actually true! 

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