Boxing: Eddie Hall reminds the world of his unreal strength as he lifts two weightlifters in one go


32-year-old Eddie Hall has been somewhat of a sensation over the past decade.

He has won UK’s Strongest Man an incredible six times and Britain’s Strongest Man five times.

During this time the Newcastle man has lifted a car as though it was an inconvenience while looking through some boxes in his loft as well as pulling planes with his bare hands, showing all airplane tugs around the world how it’s done.

Thankfully, this was recorded (albeit some years ago) which Eddie has kindly posted on his Instagram for all of us to bask in his super-natural strength.

He added the caption “No weights at home??? Just use family members.” He did seven reps in front a stunned crowd, with the scary possibility that he could have done more.

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His fans have commented:

“Just awesome”.

“Does this count as a body weight exercise”

“Eddie come help me move some furniture mate…”

This is no surprise as Hall broke the World Record for the heaviest deadlift back in 2016. A feat in which Hall thought he “would die afterwards”.

Hall’s next target is to win his first boxing match against Hafthor Bjornsson in September 2021. This has meant a big shift in Hall’s training regime meaning the chances of him lifting a couple of gym-goers is probably kept to a minimum.


Fans are starting to worry for Bjornsson as UK’s Strongest Man punched his sparring partner to the point where the unfortunate victim started puking up blood.

With that in mind, some are making early predictions with pro bodybuilder Jamie “The Giant” Christian-Johal being one of the first to predict for a Hall victory, after he spoke to SunSport.

What do you think of Hall’s chances on September 2021? Will Bjornsson cause a shock? Comment below.

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