Former Manchester United winger Nani involved in the most chaotic penalty shootout of all time

  • Kat Lucas

Who doesn't love a penalty shootout?

The answer is probably Nani after the carnage he was involved in yesterday.

The former Manchester United midfielder is now plying his trade with Orlando City in MLS.

On Saturday, the Lions beat New York City 6-5 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in normal time.

Nani had opened the scoring inside five minutes from 12 yards, only for Maxime Chanot to level three minutes later.

That set up what can only be described as the most bizarre penalty shootout any of us are likely to witness. 

With Orlando City leading 4-3, Pedro Gallese's save sparked wild celebrations from his teammates - but they turned out to be premature. 

Replays showed the 'keeper had stepped *marginally* off his line and his day was about to get even worse when the referee - who may we state for the record is clearly an absolute jobsworth - pulled out a second yellow card for the offence. 

Manager Óscar Pareja then had to be fetched from the changing room having run down the tunnel thinking his team were through. 

Pareja's next task was to bring on Brian Rowe, his substitute goalkeeper. But it was then realised that you're not allowed to make a sub during a penalty shootout - so off he went again. Still with us? 

An outfield player had to go in goal and inevitably, he failed to stop Valentín Castellanos sliding it into the net to make it 4-4. 


That meant it was over to Nani to take the deciding penalty and put Orlando into the Conference semi-finals, only to see his effort saved. There was some doubt about whether the goalkeeper had come off the line, but for the sake of brevity, thankfully they decided to just get on with it on this occasion. 

And there was to be one final twist in the tail as the defender who had gone in goal then saved the final penalty. Rodrigo Schlegel, take a bow! Orlando City are even selling versions of his 'keeper kit' today to celebrate his heroics. 

By this time, Orlando had clearly lost track of the order of the shootout so they started celebrating again - before remembering they still had to take one last penalty of their own. 

From start to finish, it took TWENTY-THREE minutes to complete the shootout. What an absolutely bonkers affair. 

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