WWE news: Drew McIntyre's next opponent expected to be one of RAW's most protected stars

McIntyre's next feud in WWE could be huge

Drew McIntyre is WWE Champion once again.

After losing the belt to Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell last month, he won it back on RAW just six days before Survivor Series. 

The Scotsman's triumph certainly came as a surprise and it sets up a huge clash at Survivor Series with Roman Reigns. 

This is the one time of year that the top stars on SmackDown and RAW can go head-to-head inside the ring and WWE's decision to switch Randy Orton for McIntyre late has certainly excited fans. 

But what's to come for McIntyre following the PPV? After all, his match vs 'The Tribal Chief' will be nothing more than an exhibition. 

As of right now, nothing has been confirmed, but Dave Meltzer has speculated that Bobby Lashley could feud with the WWE Champion next. 

Lashley and McIntyre could clash

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio about Survivor Series, he said: 

"Bobby Lashley is one of the most protected guys there and Sami Zayn is a guy who they use as the pesky little guy who is a good talker who annoys everyone.

"They’re gonna protect Bobby Lashley but I don’t think it’s because of the belt. It’s because Bobby Lashley has a great look and they’re protecting him. 

Lashley is being protected by WWE

"They’re protecting him but I got no idea what for. Maybe they’re gonna go back to him and Drew?"

Meltzer also added that he'd have no problem with WWE revisiting the match - which we saw at Backlash in June, given that Lashley is being protected so well. 

"That’s fine if they do because they protected him for so long, they might as well do something like that with him. He’s the bully of The Hurt Business and everything like that." 

Lashley could face McIntyre again

While McIntyre vs Lashley certainly wouldn't be a fresh feud, it also wouldn't be the worst. 

To establish himself as RAW's top star, Drew needs to beat strong opponents and the United States Champion is certainly that. 

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