Tesco, Asda, Morrisons: Twitter thread reveals football kit concepts for UK supermarkets

Tesco bag

Have you ever wondered how football kits would be designed if UK supermarkets had their own professional football clubs? 

Absolutely not, but you probably want to know now the idea has been introduced to you. 

The Twittersphere, for all its bizarre idiosyncrasies and ability to bring out both the best and worst in humanity, seldom ceases to amaze us. 

And the social media platform produced another moment to remember on Sunday as Joe Patron revealed an array of concept kits for UK supermarkets. 

Many of us have been forced to dig deep for ways to entertain ourselves during the UK lockdown, but Mr. Patron really thought outside the box with this one. 

Releasing a list of 10 home and away kits, and one third kit, Patron's concepts featured a Sainsbury's away kit akin to a classic AS Roma strip, a vintage-style Aldi away top and a Tesco away kit that bears similarity to colourful and divisive shirts sported by Man City and Barcelona in recent years. 

You have to sit back and admire the creativity that's gone into this. 

The kits are supplemented with a short bio which summarises the thought-process behind each kit, with staff uniforms and the iconic middle aisle underpinning the respective away kits for Sainsbury's and Aldi. 

Perhaps this low-key creative wizard has just taken his first step in the journey to becoming a professional kit designer.

If this is what he can throw together on a Sunday afternoon, then who knows what's capable of with a whole year to conjure up a design. 

Here's a breakdown of all 10 UK supermarket home and away kits in full...

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