Man Utd's Bruno Fernandes brutally mocked by fan on Twitter for bungled short passes


Bruno Fernandes has been one of few shining lights for Manchester United this season.

There hasn't been much to cheer about at Old Trafford throughout the 2020/21 campaign with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer struggling to ensure that his team keeps the pace with their 'top six' rivals.

We are, after all, talking about a campaign in which United have suffered a 6-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur and their first home loss to Arsenal in almost a decade and a half.

Man Utd's struggles

In fact, it wasn't until last week that the Red Devils were able to secure a home victory in the Premier League and even that came under sheepish circumstances against West Brom.

The Baggies, who have struggled since their promotion from the Championship, had a whole host of major opportunities at the 'Theatre of Dreams' and were frankly unlucky to leave empty-handed.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the pitch, United labelled in their attempts to make a breakthrough form open play with Anthony Martial bungling a fine one-on-one opportunity in the first-half.


Fernandes saves the day

As a result, United had to rely upon a winner coming under awkwardly-familiar circumstances - yes, you guessed it, courtesy of the penalty spot.

Fernandes stepped up to inherit the responsibility from 12 yards and eventually secured the three points at the second attempt after Sam Johnstone had illegally denied his initial attempt.

It was the umpteenth reminder that United would be in dire straits without their Portuguese playmaker but, believe it or not, there are still some rival fans that remained unconvinced.


Montage trolls Fernandes

In fact, despite Fernandes having bailed out his team in the West Brom clash, one of the tweets surrounding the midfielder that gained the most traction this week was actually critical of him.

That's because football editor and Twitter user @CF_Comps decided to create a montage of Fernandes' misplaced short passes to try and mock claims he's a 'High risk, high reward' player.

It's certainly not a video that will help rescue United spirits from the depths they find themselves in, but be sure to check out the evidence down below either way:

For me, this mocking and trolling compilation takes things a little too far.

As much as United fans could easily mask some of Fernandes' flaws with the entire 'high risk' argument, while the 26-year-old continues to stand out out this season, you've got to admit that they're right.

Frankly, you could pick out any player, whether world-class or not and compile a few minutes of them missing simple passes because, frankly, it happens to even the best of players.


So, yes, this brutal mocking of Fernandes certainly doesn't look good on one of United's few shining lights this season, but even the most pessimistic fan would call him a diamond in the rough.

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