Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr: Predictions have been made by former rivals and boxing legends


On Saturday, November 28, in one of the unlikeliest match-ups of recent times, Mike Tyson returns to the boxing ring after a staggering 15-year absence from the sport and will face fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

With Tyson at 54 years old, and Jones at 51, this one has raised eyebrows in the fighting world, but has still caught the public’s eye.

The chance to finally see these two titans of boxing finally lock horns has proved too appealing to ignore.

Footage of the pair in training has gone viral, with both men looking in incredible shape for men of their age, and hopefully inspiring the public to get stuck into their home workouts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Former fighters have been giving their opinions on who they believe will come out on top.


Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield came out on top against Tyson on two occasions, and has an eye on a trilogy fight against him. Holyfield believes the fight will come down to whether or not Tyson can hit Jones cleanly with his heavy hands.

Holyfield, 58, told Teddy Atlas: "I think if Tyson catch him, he gonna hurt him. But if Tyson can’t catch him, it’s gonna be a lousy fight.”


Danny Williams

Another of Tyson’s conquerors in Danny Williams has followed suit and chosen Tyson for the win.

Williams shocked the world as he claimed a victory against a poor Tyson in 2004, but he believes that Jones natively fighting at a weight class below Tyson for most of his career, will prove a disadvantage for Jones, as his power may not transfer up a weight class well.

Williams, 47, claimed: “I think Roy is going to get seriously hurt. He is a natural middleweight.”

James 'Buster' Douglas

James 'Buster' Douglas was the first of several to beat the now romanticised Tyson. With odds of 42/1, Douglas defeated Tyson in 1990, and he thinks that Jones has even less chance than he had against Tyson.

Douglas, 60, in an interview with DJ Vlad, said: “I think he has a chance but it’s a slim chance. Slimmer than Buster Douglas.”

Amir Khan

UK fighter Amir Khan went for the unfashionable choice in Jones to claim victory. He is dumfounded by the decision of both to fight at such an age, but believes Jones has the edge.


Khan, 33, informed Fight Hub: "I don’t know what’s made Mike and Roy fight each other. I mean, they might be friends, I don’t know.

"But who’s going to win this fight? Roy Jones, in my opinion.”

Freddie Roach

Trainer Freddie Roach was in the corner for Tyson in the latter years of his career at heavyweight. Unsurprisingly, Roach is confident that Tyson will knock out Jones.

Roach, in an interview with Press Box, said: "I think Mike knocks Roy Jones out.

"But I did warn Mike that he has to be careful of Roy's left to the body. That's the punch Roy used to knock out Virgil Hill."


Tyron Woodley

UFC middleweight legend Tyron Woodley is a big fan of both Tyson and Jones. He is of the opinion that it will be unlikely that Tyson doesn’t manage to catch Jones cleanly at some point with his greater power. He thinks that if this happens, Jones will not survive.

Woodley, 38, revealed to Mike Swick: “I’ve studied them so much. I’ve watched so many films, so many fights with both of them.

"I think if Mike Tyson touches anybody, they’re going down no matter how old he is. I just don’t see him not touching Roy at some point in the fight.”

Jeff Mayweather

Jeff Mayweather, boxing trainer, operator of his own boxing channel and uncle to Floyd Mayweather, also backs Tyson for the win.

Mayweather said: “Overall, if I would have to bet my money, I would pick Tyson because I know he has the power.

"And as big as he is, he has some tremendous hand speed."


Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya, who works alongside Bernard Hopkins - main rival of Jones - at Golden Boy Promotions, perhaps as to be expected, goes with Tyson for the victory, but does leave the door open for a Jones upset.

De La Hoya, 47, said on Instagram: "I'm going to have to go with Tyson.

"But it wouldn't surprise me if Jones Jr pulls something off - like he always has in his career."

Jake Paul

In yet another surprising fight on the undercard of the Tyson/Jones bout, is YouTuber Jake Paul facing off against ex-NBA player Nate Robinson. He sides with Tyson, and believes the power of Iron Mike will prove too much for Jones.

Paul, 23, said to the Mayweather Boxing Channel: "I think uncle Mike's going to take it home. But Roy Jones is looking dangerous too.

"I think he's (Tyson) is gonna stop him. Those punches look to vicious, I think round, fourth round he's going to connect with one of those Mike Tyson's uppercuts or hooks."

In this battle for the retirement home crown for ‘daddest’ man on the planet, backing Tyson to get the job done seems very fashionable within the fight community and the public in general. Will this fight roll back the years, or just prove another case of fighters not knowing when to call it quits?

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