Sunderland takeover: Fresh insight into Kyril Louis-Dreyfus emerges

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Sunderland fans will be increasingly familiar with the name Kyril Louis-Dreyfus.

Indeed, the 23-year-old heir to the Louis Dreyfus Company, he's understood to be part of a consortium willing to buy the club in an attempt to restore former glories.

Obviously, given his age, it could be a fairly jarring idea that someone so young would be involved in trying to this club around, though The Athletic have shared some further insight into the man. 

According to a source mentioned in the report, Louis-Dreyfus will not 'spend like an oligarch' and that 'it will be a project' should the deal go through. 

Believed to be a huge fan of Football Manager, he was raised watching his father help run French giants Marseille and traveled to Yorkshire to study the game even further. 

Perhaps most promisingly of all, his interest is said to be 'sincere and serious'. 

Sunderland latest news

While Louis-Dreyfus does come from a family of considerable wealth, the insight into how seriously he plans to run the club should be taken in a positive manner. 

After so many years of turmoil, the idea of a sensible presence behind the scenes is surely reassuring. Granted, spending big money can be exciting for fans but, without a clear plan, it's not always a guarantee of success. 

The likes of Norwich, Brentford and Coventry have enjoyed rises through the Football League while relying on astute recruitment policies, proving you don't have to break the bank in order to succeed. 

With focus behind the scenes, things could be about to get better for Sunderland. 

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