Boxing: ‘Deontay Wilder’s Book of Bad Excuses’ would make the perfect gift for your mates

Deontay Wilder's Book of Bad Excuses

Do you have a friend who loves boxing?

Do you have a friend on your pro clubs team on FIFA always saying, "I pressed pass but the player didn’t”?

Or do you have that friend who, to put it in family friendly terms, likes to talk such a load of rubbish that it could create his/her own landfill?

Well here is the perfect gift for them. 'Deontay Wilder’s Book of Bad Excuses' is now available to pre-order.

The brilliant little book contains all the necessary excuses for that friend who conveniently plucks out some absolute doozies for putting in a mediocre performance ranging from gaming to Sunday League sport.

This includes iconic excuses such as loaded gloves and of course the classic heavy fight-night costume (we’ve all been there!)

Did you say something to your partner which you probably shouldn’t have? The book has the solution to your problem – Yes that’s right, blame it on poison in your water.

If the excuses are good enough for a former World Heavyweight Champion, it should be good enough to get anyone out of hot water, regardless of the circumstances.

Should you proceed to pre-order then expect this book to be on ‘that friend’s’ doorstep on the 2nd February in 2021 for just £12.99.


Written by Lee James Allen with Illustrations by Jason St.Paul, the book is sure enough to be that knock-out blow for any special occasion.

It's the perfect solution to that over-priced Secret Santa at work which no-one is keen on doing but have to because that over-energetic colleague has twisted the boss’ arm so he/she can organise it, forcing everyone to join in the process.

It what has been a turbulent year, use the holiday season to reach out to someone who is struggling with finding some new and fresh excuses. Here’s to defending laziness and mediocrity!

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