Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr: Doctor reveals a Mike Tyson punch has impact equivalent of 450 kilograms


A leading doctor has claimed that taking a punch from former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is like being hit with a grand piano.

Irineu Locturco, who has a PhD in High Sports Performance, believes that Tyson has the capability of hitting an opponent in the head an impact equivalent to 450kg, which is more or less the exact weight of the instrument.

This also backs up the widely held opinion that ‘Iron Mike’ was one of the most dangerous fighters of his time, of his 50 victories – 44 came by way of knockout.

Indeed, with reference to the global sports website Globoesporte, Locturco said:

A punch from a heavyweight boxer can hit the rival in the head with an impact equivalent to 450 kilos.

“That is the average value within the published studies.

“Mike Tyson has always been well above that.”

The heavyweight’s punching power has also led to concerns from a neurologist regarding the risks that both Tyson and his opponent Roy Jones Jr. are taking in putting on this eight round exhibition contest.

Both the fighters after all have a combined age of 105 between them.

Neurologist, Renato Anginnah said:

“Our brain ages naturally and is more likely to suffer serious injuries.

“Assimilating a blow at 54 is different from receiving a blow at 20. It is much more serious. And that, of course, involves a greater risk.”

In addition, Tyson’s trainer Rafael Cordeiro has stated that ‘Iron Mike’ could kill somebody, even at the age of 54.


Indeed, ‘Iron Mike’ certainly looked back to his formidable best as the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ has showed in the build up to this weekend’s bout with Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson has previously posted footage displaying his incredible power, pounding an aqua bag with a number of punches.

While he has also revealed that he is at his lowest weight since making his debut at 15st 2Ibs at the age of 18, before his fight against Hector Mercedes in 1985.

You can see the retired legends do battle this weekend at the Staple Center in Los Angeles on November 28. The four hour event begins at 8pm Eastern time (ET) – so for the UK, coverage will start from 1am GMT.

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