WWE news: 'Roman Reigns is the most compelling character wrestling has had for 20 years'

Reigns is WWE's most compelling character for two decades

There's no doubt about it, Roman Reigns is the biggest star in WWE right now.

Since his return at SummerSlam, 'The Big Dog' has turned heel and re-invented himself as 'The Tribal Chief'.

It's his new arrogant, bad*** attitude that has captivated fans, who once despised him for being an 'over pushed babyface'. 

Roman backs up what he says in the ring too. At Survivor Series, he put on a Match of the Year contender with Drew McIntyre. 

WWE's top two stars went to war in a brutal bout, which ended with the Universal Champion winning by submission after a low blow and interference from Jey Uso. 

Despite the dirty finish, the match still went down well with fans, proving just how invested they are in Reigns.

It's not just the WWE Universe who rate his new character either. According to JBL, Roman is the 'most compelling character' the company has had in 20 years.  

Reigns has been paid a huge compliment by JBL

"I think the thing that has impressed me the most is by far and above better than anything I've seen in maybe the last 20 years is Roman Reigns," he told WWE's The Bump.

"Roman Reigns to me is the most compelling character I've seen on television, I think in 20 years.

"It's unbelievable how good he is. That character, the way it's just transitioned and become the head of the table, I'm a huge fan." 

Reigns is a badass in WWE

That's absolutely massive praise. The WWE Hall of Famer also went on to note that both Reigns and McIntyre are both 'in the prime of their life'.

"To me, it lived up to every bit of the hype, which is hard to do when you talk about having a true heavyweight matchup like they had," he said of their Survivor Series bout.

"You had two great champions and both of those guys are in the prime of their life."

Reigns and McIntyre tore the house down on Sunday

We won't disagree with you there, JBL. Let's just sit back and enjoy the work these two are doing right now.

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