WWE news: The Undertaker recalls 'wanting to kill' backstage crew member after infamous botch

The Undertaker wanted to kill WWE's pyro guy in 2010

WWE is a dangerous business, there's no denying that. 

Superstars take a risk every time they step into the squared circle, that's just the nature of pro-wrestling.

Normally, there's not too much to worry about when someone makes their entrance, coming down the ramp to the ring... unless something goes horribly wrong.

That happened to The Undertaker at Elimination Chamber in 2010, when his attire caught fire from the pyro that went off during his ring walk. 

Despite downplaying the incident for TV, it was a serious botch - and one that could have really injured The Phenom. 

A decade on, Mark Calaway - the man behind WWE's famous icon - recalled that incident during an appearance on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions.

He went into detail about what happened and recalled why he 'wanted to kill' the pyro guy that day. 

Undertaker was on fire at Elimination Chamber

"The adrenaline needle is peaked right here," Undertaker said while watching a clip of himself on fire with Stone Cold.

"I am beside myself, I'm looking down at my chest because my chest is just bubbling up right now. My flesh is just rolling up.

"Despite all that water, every time I look down, my skin is bubbling up more and more. I'm trying my hardest to stay focused and I'm also thinking in my head, 'I am about to kill this pyro guy'." 

Undertaker was dousing himself in water

Calaway went on to explain that he had previously warned the pyro guy that the flame burst was too close to him, but his worries were ignored.

"I'm usually a very forgiving and understanding person," he continued.

"But a couple of weeks prior, I had a conversation with the pyro guy and told him, 'look, the pyro burst is too close. I'm starting to feel it'. I said let's back them out. 

The Undertaker was furious with WWE's pyro guy

"All the time [I'm in the pod] there are people checking on me. I was saying: 'that pyro guy, he needs to be gone when I get back'. My intentions were to make it right. 

"I told you two weeks ago this was going to happen and now it happened. Now I'm going to deal with that." 

It's just testament to The Undertaker's character that he was able to go out and perform after that huge botch. We just hope the WWE pyro guy was actually gone by the time he got back...

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