Premier League: How many fans will be allowed in at Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea?

  • Kat Lucas

For the first time since March, fans will be back in Premier League stadia from next week. 

The UK government has confirmed the national lockdown will be ending on December 2.

After that, cities will be moved into various ‘tiers’ – 1, 2, or 3 – with tier 3 being the highest and thus being placed under the most severe restrictions. 

That means clubs won’t have an equal number of fans. Many Premier League clubs will still be playing behind closed doors due to local restrictions, whereas other sides will be able to welcome 2,000 supporters. 

It’s a blessing for the gate receipts of those clubs, but it also raises questions of fairness. Gary Neville tweeted last week upon hearing speculation about the news: 

“So some clubs will have fans backing them in home fixtures and others will have empty stadiums with no fans! Unfair competition or not??” 

Here is the breakdown in full of how many fans will be allowed at each club’s stadium: 

Tottenham – 2,000 fans 

Liverpool – 2,000 fans 

Chelsea – 2,000 fans 

Leicester – NO fans

Southampton – 2,000 fans 

Everton – 2,000 fans 

Aston Villa – NO fans 

West Ham – 2,000 fans 

Wolves – NO fans 

Manchester United – NO fans 


Crystal Palace – 2,000 fans 

Arsenal – 2,000 fans 

Manchester City – NO fans

Leeds – NO fans

Newcastle – NO fans 

Brighton – 2,000 fans 

Burnley – NO fans 

Fulham – 2,000 fans 

West Brom – NO fans 

Sheffield United – NO fans 

It was initially hoped some teams would be allowed to have as many as 4,000 fans, but that hasn’t applied to any Premier League clubs. 

They will now have to decide how tickets are allocated, with some sides opting for a ballot of season-ticket holders or giving preferential treatment to executive members. 

The most important thing is that fans are gradually returning. 

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