Diego Maradona: Final hours of Argentina and Napoli legend reported after tragic passing

  • Kobe Tong

The football world is in mourning after the passing of Diego Armando Maradona on Wednesday.

The beautiful game has lost arguably its greatest ever player and the grieving of millions around the world serves as a reminder of the joy and happiness that Maradona’s talent brought to us all.

Some of world football’s biggest names, such as Pele, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, have passed on their condolences to the Maradona family and paid tribute to the great man’s legacy.

Maradona’s tragic passing

Maradona’s body is currently lying in state in Argentina with the people of the country that worshipped him like a God partaking in 72 hours of national mourning.

It goes without saying, however, that just as three days is insufficient for us all to truly overcome Maradona’s loss, three days will by no means prove an expiry date for remembering his greatness.

The tragic news was first broken in the early afternoon (GMT) by Argentine newspaper Clarin, before publications across the pond confirmed what many didn’t want to be true.


Maradona’s final hours

In the hours since, information about Maradona’s final hours have begun to emerge, telling us the story of how the World Cup-winning hero spent his last day.

Marca journalist Juan Castro provided a timeline for the Spanish publication, while also adding how he almost visited Maradona to celebrate his 60th birthday and claiming that isolation played a role in his passing.

An account of Maradona’s final hours, per Castro’s report, goes as follows:

Approximately 10am 

Maradona wakes earlier than usual compared to life before his recent health problems. He walked around briefly and laid down again.

Next to him was his right-hand man Maxi, his lawyer Jonny, his nephew and the housekeeper.


Approximately 12pm

Maradona lies down. The Swiss Medica nurse, who was always by his side, and a psychologist were nearby. Maradona was on medication but did not react.

Concern grows and Clarin publishes the first news of his bad condition.

Ambulance arrives

Maradona does not react. On their way were his daughters that live in Buenos Aires: Dalma, Gianinna and Jana. Nothing could be done for Maradona during the hour they tried to resuscitate him.

Maradona passes ‘peacefully and suddenly’. Chronic heart problem caused by a pulmonary oedema is given as the cause of death. Clarin anticipates the news.


Maradona’s final words

The Sun also reported additional details that were said to have been leaked to the Argentine media, noting that Maradona’s final words were: ‘Me siento mal’, which translates to: ‘I don’t feel well.’

Medics were reported to have detected dilated cardiomyopathy, which is a condition where the muscles of the heart become too weakened and enlarged to pump blood to the rest of the body.

The Sun say the report stated: “They tried to wake him up and after failing to detect any vital signs made an unsuccessful attempt to revive him by practising CPR.

”The first emergency medical responders on the scene continued the attempts to revive Maradona along with a surgeon who lives near the property, using adrenaline and atropine which is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of low heart rate.”


All we can hope is that Maradona passed peacefully and experienced as little pain as possible.

Everyone here at GIVEMESPORT offers their condolences to the Maradona family and all those affected by one of the most heartbreaking losses that football and sport as a whole has ever suffered.

We miss you already, Diego.

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