WWE news: Sasha Banks says she'll 'take' Vince McMahon's job one day and make billions

Banks wants to be the boss of WWE one day

Sasha Banks has recently become a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. 

After capturing the SmackDown Women's Championship against Bayley at Hell in a Cell, 'The Boss' has now held all the gold in the women's division. 

She's had previous runs with the NXT Women's belt, the Women's Tag Team titles and, of course, has held the RAW Women's Championship five times.

It's fair to say then, that Banks has had quite an impressive career. In fact, she's been one of WWE's top stars in 2020. 

So what's next for Sasha? Well, during a recent interview with Stephanie Chase, 'The Boss' explained that she wants to be the actual boss - and take Vince McMahon's job one day.

"To be a shareholder in the WWE, maybe take over Vince's job," Banks said when asked what she wants to achieve in future.

"[It] is a dream of mine to be a general manager, make billions. There's just so much more to do.

Banks has big plans for her WWE future

"In WWE, you can absolutely be anything and everything, so my goals are not stopping here just because I'm the Grand Slam Champion."

Don't stop until you reach the very top, Sasha. 

As well as going after Vince's job, the SmackDown women's champion also made another big claim recently, suggesting that she's already WWE's top star - and is better than Roman Reigns.

Banks claims she's the top star in WWE right now

"I’m not afraid to let people know that I’m better than Roman Reigns. I really am," she told Bleacher Report.

"I'm the face of SmackDown. I'm better than Drew McIntyre. I am. There are facts; you can look at the science and the numbers.

"I am the face of the company. I am the best and that’s just who I am. I'm a legit boss. 

Banks is a Grand Slam Champion in WWE

"I'm here to be the greatest, I'm here to make a legacy and I'm here to make so much history and create change and create magic." 

Just look at the confidence Banks has right now. And honestly, we wouldn't be against her taking over WWE one day...

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