MMA news: Female fighter defeats man almost 400 pounds heavier than her in craziest MMA fight ever


2020 has been something else, hasn’t it?

The world of sport came to a shuddering halt in the face of a worldwide pandemic and VAR in football reached new incredible peaks of nonsense.

However, just when you thought you had seen everything there is to see in this year like no other, footage has emerged of the most bizarre MMA encounter in history.

In truly unexplainable scenes, male fighter Grigory Chistyakov, weighing in at a stonking great (529lb), stepped into the octagon with female fighter, Darina Madzyuk (139lb).

Chistyakov quite literally rolled himself into the ring for the fight in one of the greatest entrances we’ve ever seen while Madzyuk chose to go for a more low key arrival.

However, once the action started, it was all Madzyuk, who incredibly found a way to defeat her far-weightier opponent.

Watch the truly surreal encounter in the video below:

No, you are not dreaming. That really did happen.

There are not enough words to truly encapsulate scenes like that. Everyday that goes by in 2020 we venture further from god.

Who knows what 2020 has in store for us but surely, it can’t get any stranger than this?

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