Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr: Iron Mike's post-fight interview was hilarious

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. ends in a draw!

Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr was A LOT of fun.

The two boxing legends faced off in an eight-round exhibition bout in the early hours of this morning, with the fight going the distance.

Both Tyson and Jones Jr gave great accounts of themselves, the former the slightly more dominant of the pair in the four-cornered ring due to his power.

In the end, the fight wasn't officially scored by the judges and a draw was declared.

It wasn't the result everyone wanted, but it was still enjoyable watching two of the greatest the sport of boxing has ever seen go toe-to-toe.

In the build-up to the bout, there was concern about Jones Jr's well-being, given Tyson's destructive power during his professional days.

However, in an interview with both men straight after the contest was over, Iron Mike wasn't happy that no one "cared about his a**".

Tyson said: “Why nobody care about my ass? I didn’t fight in 15 years. He stopped fighting three years ago and everybody worried about his ass.” 

Classic Iron Mike. He does have a point, though. Prior to his fight with Jones Jr, Tyson, 54, hadn't stepped in a ring since 2005, when he infamously quit on his stool against Kevin McBride.

In contrast, Jones Jr, 51, fought in a professional setting less than three years ago, claiming a victory by unanimous decision over Scott Sigmon in 2018.

Tyson and Jones Jr. in action

But despite being slightly unhappy with the lack of sympathy coming his way, Tyson was evidently buoyant after the fight and said he will box again in the future.

Tyson said, per The Sun: "I’m just happy I got this under my belt. I’m continuing to go further and do more. Absolutely [I’ll do this again]."

We could even see a rematch between Iron Mike and Jones Jr, with Tyson telling his opponent after the fight: "We gotta do this again."

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