WWE news: Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman praised for incredible segment on Talking Smack

Owens and Heyman had an exchange on WWE Talking Smack

It looks like Roman Reigns has a new challenger for the Universal Championship.

On this week's SmackDown, Kevin Owens beat down Jey Uso before sending a message to 'The Tribal Chief' who was watching on backstage. 

"Are you watching Roman? Are you watching? I've been watching you. This is happening to your family because of you," KO said as he demolished Uso with a chair.

"You want people to fear you? I fear no one... including you."  

Fans were quick to praise the segment - which closed SmackDown - and the work Owens was doing. 

But he arguably topped that on Talking Smack this week, during an exchange with Paul Heyman that many are calling the 'best character work' they've seen in WWE recently. 

Heyman and Owens went back and forth on the mic during a quite brilliant exchange, which has since been shared by both men on social media. Check out all three parts below: 

WOW. That's absolutely brilliant, isn't it? It's just a huge shame something like this didn't happen on SmackDown. 

Sure, there's little doubt that WWE will use this going forward if they are to build a feud between Reigns and Owens ahead of December's TLC pay-per-view. 

Given the impressive work Heyman and KO have just done, it would be ridiculous not to. 

Owens and Heyman were on fire

Fans were absolutely loving the exchange on Talking Smack too, sharing their thoughts on social media. 

"That was 100% killing. I didn't even move throughout this thing when I watched it!" one fan wrote.

"Great promo, weird how it was probably unscripted since it was on Talking Smack and how it was better than any promo on the show," another said.

Owens and Heyman impressed fans on Talking Smack

A third summed up their work perfectly:

"The entire exchange between KO and Heyman needs to be shown on Smackdown. Damn. I cannot wait for this match... no, fight! A big fight feel is definitely going to be an understatement." 

It's fair to say we're all excited to see what WWE do with this storyline next...

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