PlayStation 5: Reseller makes $40,000 in less than a week from selling PS5 consoles


Launched earlier this month, worldwide demand for the PlayStation 5 has reached unprecedented levels.

So great has consumer appetite been for Sony's latest console, in fact, that even the tech giant themselves have admitted to having been taken by surprise by sales figures.

Given that Sony was caught off guard by the sheer number of gamers wanting to get their hands on a PS5, it was inevitable that some were going to be left disappointed when it came to snagging a console at retail prices.

Those that were unable to secure a PS5 either through pre-order or after release have been forced to look to the secondary market to pick one up - where prices have skyrocketed due to demand.

It has now emerged that one particularly greedy reseller in the United States managed to get his hands on a scarcely-believable 221 PS5 consoles. Charging nearly double their original price at $1,000 each, the individual involved is pocketing almost $500 each time he sells one.

In the last week alone, the seller involved claims to have made nearly $40,000 by making sales at his inflated rate. Unsurprisingly, the man involved refuses to disclose his full name, insisting that he simply be known as "Mark F."

It is estimated that Mark has spent more than $99,500 in acquiring his PS5 stockpile, which he says he obtained via a combination of online purchases and bots.


Even when taking into account his significant outlay, if you multiply his profit per unit by the number of consoles in his possession, it quickly becomes apparent that he stands to make a tidy profit should he shift all of his hardware at its current price.

The highly sought-after nature of the PS5 at present means that you would not want to bet against him selling the whole lot before the festive season ends. 

A source from UK reseller group CrepChiefNotify recently spoke about a surge in the use of bots to secure items such as the PS5 - a practice that has been prevalent in the shoe industry for years.

The source, identified as Tom, revealed that the group "knew where to go for stock before it was announced" and were "watching all the sites for when they drop stock" and "running bots for members to almost 100 percent guarantee at least one PS5."


He continued: "Bot developers have seen the demand rise for next-gen consoles and have changed their focus from being sneaker-focused bots into multi-use bots for electronics too."

The race to secure a PS5 was never going to be an easy one for gaming fans. However, the ever-increasing use of technology to try and rip off genuine consumers is a worrying trend.

Under any circumstances, one individual getting hold of 221 consoles for resale is completely wrong. You would hope that more will be done to prevent this in future. There can be no denying, however, that the secondary market will always thrive where there is the demand to allow it.

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