Bahrain Grand Prix: Romain Grosjean involved in huge crash during opening lap


The Bahrain Grand Prix came to a quick standstill after a huge crash took place on the first lap involving Haas driver Romain Grosjean.

After just a mere couple of corners, Grosjean was sent into the wall when his car was then engulfed by flames.

The images were truly shocking, but moments after encouraging signs emerged as Grosjean was seen talking to the medical team in a safety car.

We are glad to be able to say the Formula 1 driver is all okay after a very scary incident.

It has since emerged that the driver suffered minor burns on his hands and ankles, but considering what went down, he'll be thankful that's all he suffered.

You can see what took place in the videos and images below; truly horrifying for every Formula 1 fan and also people closest to Grosjean.

Luckily, Formula 1 as a sport has come a long, long way over the years, and it's remarkable that we can say Grosjean walked away unhurt from such a shocking incident.

The commentators for Sky Sports were simply stunned by what they had seen, with them claiming the driver is lucky to be able to walk away from the crash okay.

Due to the horrifying nature of the crash and the aftermath that it left, the Bahrain Grand Prix was delayed and held back.

The incident occurred when Grosjean's car was clipped during the early stages of the race, which then sent him into the barricade on the side of the track.

The car then went up in flames, before officials were quick on the scene to rescue the drive and drag him out of the burning vehicle.

A truly horrifying moment in Formula One, but a moment that also reminds us just how far safety has come in the sport.

We wish Romain a speedy recovery.

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