PlayStation 5: Amazon fires driver who drove off with boy's PS5


An Amazon driver has been dismissed after now viral footage has revealed the driver appearing to steal a PlayStation 5 console.

The console had been intended for a customer’s birthday present for their son, which sort of makes it worse.

With the new generation consoles being released last week, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 have been hard to come by due to the increasing demand this side of Christmas. Turns out, people will do anything to get their hands on one, Amazon drivers are apparently no exception.

The Walker family from Launton, near Bicester, released a video clip online exposing the courier parking up at the house and appearing to handle a large box at the back of the van – something they believe was the long-awaited PlayStation 5.

The family went onto note that the PS5 was meant to be delivered the same time as their other parcels, at least, according to delivery updates on their account. However, despite this, the parcel never appeared on their doorstep at the expected time.

Richard Walker posted CCTV footage on Facebook and Twitter with the hope of drawing attention to the situation.

The Facebook post read: "Today is my son's 16th birthday and this is footage of an Amazon delivery driver stealing his birthday present which was a PlayStation 5.

"He brings 1 small package to our door and then goes back to his van and gets 2 more small packages from the front. These are the only packages that have been delivered. But the account also has the PS5 as delivered at the same time. This is because, as you can see, at 14:41:39 he gets a large parcel out of the van and then puts it back at 14:42:18. This is obviously when he scans it as delivered.

"All the parcels delivered are either on the doorstep or in his hand before he goes to the back of the van. He therefore has no reason to go to the back of the van apart from to get the PS5 which is then conveniently scanned but never delivered."

Jenni Walker, the boy’s mother, did state that Amazon offered a £5 gift voucher for compensation, and they later revised their offer to £50, then once more in the form of a full refund.

Her daughter took it upon herself to drive down to the family’s local Amazon depot station to confront the site’s boss with the CCTV footage. From this, they were able to confirm that the driver in the video was, in fact, one of their employees.


Jenni maintained that the family’s main intention was to find a replacement console for their son, she even said she didn’t want to get the driver into any trouble for the incident.

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