Romain Grosjean crash overshadows Lewis Hamilton’s win at Bahrain Grand Prix


Lewis Hamilton has won the Bahrain Grand Prix, but it will be forever remembered for the horrific crash involving Romain Grosjean.

Hamilton appeared to be braced for another battle with Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen this afternoon, but in the end it wasn't the usual heavy-hitters that stole the headlines.

Wheel-to-wheel duels were always likely in this afternoon’s race, which took place on the Sakhir Circuit; a track that always seems likely to encourage closer battles – there were 76 overtakes during last year’s race.

With 15 laps to go, Bottas ran 10th with his stops complete, but he remained firmly in the hunt to take back some more positions, while Hamilton continued to eat up ground, leading Verstappen by 3-4 seconds, by which point, appeared to have it calmly under control.

The early crash incident in the opening lap of the race will more than likely grab the headlines; car #8 containing Grosjean span out in the early moments of the race, colliding with the side-barriers and bursting into flames.

Had it not been for the quick reactions of both Grosjean and emergency and medical crews, he may not have been quite so lucky.

Thankfully, the driver self-extricated and was conscious at all times; he was subsequently taken to the medical centre before being transferred to Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Hospital via helicopter, where he is undergoing further evaluation.

It was, however, Hamilton, who despite the incident and wheel-to-wheel duels, won the Bahrain Grand Prix 2020, marking 11 wins for himself in 2020.

Hamilton’s race actually finished behind the Safety Car after a late car fire and failure for Sergio Perez when running third occurred.

Verstappen was second and Alex Albon third in a Red Bull 2-3 finish.

It is worth noting that the race was suspended for over an hour after the huge first lap crash incident, thankfully, however, Grosjean only escaped with minor burns and suspected broken ribs.

There you have it, Hamilton wins for the unprecedented 11th time this year, proving the year 2020 isn’t all bad, not if your name is Lewis Hamilton anyway…

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