David Luiz and Raul Jimenez head clash: Arsenal slammed for allowing Luiz to continue


In the opening few minutes of Arsenal’s clash with Wolves, we witnessed a sickening clash of heads between David Luis and Raul Jimenez.

The two players challenged for the ball in Wolves’ penalty area and collided heavily. The collision echoed around the Emirates Stadium as both players collapsed to the ground.

Immediately, the medical staff ran onto the pitch as we hoped both players would be okay.

Within minutes, Luiz was sitting up and, despite blood pouring from his face, appeared to be alright. 

The same couldn't be said for Jimenez, who needed oxygen before being stretchered off and taken straight to the hospital.

While there was absolutely no chance of Jimenez continuing, Luiz was allowed back onto the pitch after being cleaned up. Luiz was seen sporting a head bandage for the rest of the first half.


However, his head continued to bleed through the bandage which led to football fans questioning why the Brazilian was still on the pitch.

When is football going to take concussions seriously?

Just because the defender seemed okay, it doesn't mean he hasn't suffered a serious head trauma.

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While Luiz is showing signs of being fine, let's hope he doesn't suffer any ill-effects from his nasty head clash.

Meanwhile, we will continue to pray that Jimenez makes a full recovery and is back playing in no time.

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