PlayStation 5: Man pranks PS5 seller who was trying to sell the console for double the price


If you’ve been one of many searching in vain for the new PlayStation 5 since it was released on November 19, you will have no doubt seen the console sold at extortionate prices by a number of sellers.

The recommended retail price (RRP) of Sony’s latest creation stood at £449 for the base console, and £359 for the digital version.

And with the demand far outweighing the stock available online, some people began to sell the PS5s they were able to obtain at over double the price.

In fact, a quick Google search brings up a host of consoles available to purchase, with all bar one coming in at £700 and over. The other has a shipping date of February.

One dad from Glasgow decided to do something about opportunist sellers, and convinced one to sell him the console for £850.

Andrew Tough had no intention of going through with the purchase, but was able to arrange for the seller to drive to his building site, which was half an hour away.

The 27-year-old posted a series of screenshots on Twitter, showing that he had promised the driver a total fee of £900, to cover both the taxi journeys and the console itself.

Once the seller arrived at the building site, Andrew made them wait for 20 minutes before announcing that he would not be going through with the purchase.

Andrew explained: “I was just sick and tired seeing people exploiting people in a time of need, taking advantage because they know there are families out there that will do anything to get out there wean a PlayStation for Christmas. It’s scummy so I thought I’d prank a few people.

“I had him sitting about for 20 minutes. I told him to look up to the third floor where I was standing sticking the finger up to him and I let him know he had been pranked basically.

“He wasn’t best pleased, I’d say p**** off because he had arranged a lift and drove from Paisley way the intention of collecting £900, £50 more than he’d listed the item.”

Andrew closed the conversation perfectly by saying he’d already bought a PlayStation 5. If so, then fair play to him.

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