Raul Jimenez and David Luiz clash - Ryan Mason responds to Arsenal defender playing on


Former Tottenham midfielder Ryan Mason has spoken out after seeing Raul Jimenez's clash of heads with David Luiz. 

Mason was forced to retire at the age of 26 due to a fractured skull he sustained in Hull City's Premier League match against Chelsea in 2017. 

On Monday, Wolves confirmed in a statement that Jimenez has suffered the same injury. The Mexican is currently recuperating in hospital. 

Jimenez came off significantly worse from Sunday night's incident. The game was stopped for a lengthy period as the 29-year-old was stretchered off. 

Luiz, meanwhile, had his head wound bandaged up. Even after the medical staff had attended to the Brazilian, blood could be seen and many have questioned why he was allowed to play on. 

It's prompted renewed debate about concussion protocol and Mason is better placed than anybody to call out what was a dangerous decision. 

“I was quite upset to see something like that happen on a football pitch again, it’s very concerning,” Mason told talkSPORT. 

“It’s a real shame my incident didn’t change the perception; what is it really going to take for people to start realising this is something really, really serious?

“I’ll be honest, I was shocked David Luiz was allowed to play on. I’m not criticising the Arsenal doctor because there’s a protocol in place and I’m sure he’s followed that.


“But that protocol that is currently in place is not enough; it’s not enough just to have two or three minutes, it’s not enough. It was a bad one; the noise, the impact, the speed of the challenge as well – it was a bad one. It didn’t help that there were no fans and you could actually hear the point of contact.

“As a human being my first thought was are they both okay, and obviously one has come off worse than the other unfortunately. But I looked at that and thought immediately, neither of those players can play on.

“Sometimes you have to forget the protocol and have a bit of common sense. The game needs to change this rule. It’s pretty clear that five minutes on the side of the pitch while there is pressure to get the game restarted is not enough to see if someone is concussed or not.


“This current protocol we have in place isn’t okay and it’s dangerous.”

In 2014, the Premier League did alter the rules after Tottenham's Hugo Lloris was knocked on the head against Everton.

It was decided that, going forward, doctors would decide whether players could remain on the pitch, not the team management, while home teams would also introduce a 'tunnel doctor'. 

It's clearly time for new measures to be put in place again. 

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