Meet BOXRAW's Ben Amanna: The man who's trying to revolutionise boxing

Regis Prograis sporting soem BOXRAW gloves

"Our vision, to be the reason why the world got into boxing."

That's the aim for pioneering clothing and boxing equipment brand BOXRAW and their CEO/founder, Ben Amanna.

BOXRAW have gone from strength to strength since their opening year in 2017 and they've collaborated with some of the finest boxers on the planet, including Oleksandr Usyk, Gervonta Davis and Errol Spence Jr.

But the company is about so much more and they're determined to change the game in order to inspire anyone and everyone to involve themselves within the sport.

"Before us, many viewed boxing as an elitist sport whereas now we've shown that anyone can take up the sport and we're really looking to shift that narrative," Amanna told GIVEMESPORT.

Usyk in training

"The same way people say I want to go running, I want people to say I want to go and box."

It's a vision that those within the boxing community can firmly get behind, an aim to revolutionise the way the sport is perceived throughout society.

BOXRAW have exciting plans to innovate all kinds of boxing equipment, from gloves to headguards and even skipping ropes, to help those at both ends of the sport's spectrum.

"We're trying to takeover the sport, I want to monopolise boxing," Amanna said. "I want people to think, when they see boxing they think BOXRAW and vice-versa.

"We're not here to sit on the sidelines, we really want to takeover."

So how can they do that? One word, 'innovation'. Amanna says the company are planning to add "sophisticated insights into boxing", the likes of which we've never seen before.

Prograis in BOXRAW gloves

"The technology we're developing, we're looking at it [boxing] from different aspects," the CEO of BOXRAW said.

"We track the skeletal positional data of a boxer and we're able to give very high level insights into what they did and why they did it. Do they have a tendency to do certain things and a result when they throw a left hook, are they fully rotating their hips?

"It's the sort of stuff that would almost be impossible to see with the human eye. But we're not trying to replace a coach, we're trying to enhance what a coach can feed back to a boxer."

Amanna also has big plans to innovate the sport of boxing's most important piece of equipment; the glove.

"No one has tried to improve the aerodynamics of a glove," he said.

"So what we're doing is we're partnering with somebody and using a wind tunnel to try and improve the performance of a glove.

Davis with a BOXRAW hat

"Gloves typically operate at around 65% efficiency, we're aiming to get our glove to above 90% efficiency, so when you use our glove, you'll be able to punch faster.

"Right now, we're testing with a 16oz glove but it feels like an 8oz glove because the weight distribution is on point.

"We're doing what's been done in other sports but just hasn't been done in boxing, and that's to innovate."

The ideas are exciting and the BOXRAW's unquestionable desire for change will only prove beneficial to the sport of boxing as a whole.

"We want boxing back in schools like it was 50 years ago," Amanna added. "It's less about how we try and inspire the next generation of boxers, it's how we inspire the next generation to get into the sport.

"How do we inspire the world to get into boxing? Well, that's what we want to do."

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