Everton news: Richarlison responds on Twitter after criticism from Jamie Carragher

Richarlison in action for Everton

Richarlison is a superb player.

The Brazilian forward has been a key player for Everton since signing for a deal worth up to £50m in July 2018.

He's been impressive for the Toffees since then, scoring 32 goals in 86 games.

However, Richarlison isn't everyone's cup of tea.

The South American has earned a reputation as a bit of a 'diver' in recent years.

Jamie Carragher has been critical of Richarlison

And he's come under criticism for that flaw recently by Jamie Carragher.

The Liverpool legend said on the weekend, per the Liverpool Echo: "I've never seen anyone on the floor more than Richarlison."

When an Everton fan posted an image of former Liverpool star Luis Suarez rolling around on the floor and branding him biased, Carragher replied: "Talking about Richarlison going down is nothing to do with bias. Every EFC game I do he goes down 3/4 times like he’s got a big injury then just gets up! It’s not about getting a penalty or a foul but pretending he’s hurt when he’s not."

Carragher then wrote of Richarlison in a separate tweet: "My frustration with Richarlison is not going down so much but more pretending he’s hurt when he’s down when he’s not!"

Richarlison noticed Carragher's comments and he felt the need to respond.

The Everton forward posted a GIF of him celebrating while producing a 'shushing' gesture, implying that he thinks Carragher should be quiet.

That's the perfect way to reply by Richarlison.

The Everton forward shouldn't be taking any notice of Carragher's comments. In truth, the former Liverpool man's opinion should be of any concern whatsoever to him.

Everton fans enjoyed his reply and you can view some of the reaction below.

Everton and Richarlison have not been faring too well of late.

They started the season well but have won just one of their last six Premier League games.

Carlo Ancelotti's side will be looking to get back to winning ways when they take on Burnley on the weekend.

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