WWE news: The Undertaker reveals the real reason why Hell in a Cell was actually created

The Undertaker has revealed why WWE created Hell in a Cell

There's perhaps not a WWE icon more synonymous with Hell in a Cell than The Undertaker. 

Many fans love to call back to the infamous battle he had with Mankind inside - well outside - of the structure in 1998. 

In one of pro-wrestling's most shocking moments, Mick Foley fell through the cell roof and crashed to the ring canvas below, somehow escaping serious injury.

But The Undertaker's 'romance' with WWE's most dangerous match goes back further than that - he actually featured in the first-ever namesake bout against Shawn Michaels at Badd Blood in 1997.

For storyline purposes, Hell in a Cell was created to keep D-Generation X from helping HBK during the match. 

But according to The Phenom himself, there was actually a much cooler reason behind the structure's invention - to build Kane as a true monster on his debut.  

"The main reason for Hell in a Cell was Kane. It was all about Kane, the whole thing was designed for Kane's debut," Undertaker said on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions.

Kane made his WWE debut at HIAC

"You're gonna keep all outside interference out, and boom here comes Kane. 

"[It was] for Kane to come in and do what no one else could do, which is rip the door off and come face-to-face with his brother.

"I still think it’s one of the most iconic staredowns ever. It’s a story that lasted 23 years, and one of the greatest stories ever told." 

Kane's WWE debut was iconic

We've got no arguments there, Undertaker. Kane's debut was absolutely iconic and paved the way for one of the greatest storylines in WWE history. 

The footage of him ripping off the cell door is still frightening to this day and without that moment, his character may not have been set up so well. 

But the less said about Mankind's fall through the cell roof one year later, the better...

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