Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr: Iron Mike was 'attacked' by fan after exhibition fight


As he was leaving the Staples Center on Saturday, a fan called out to Mike Tyson and took a swing at the former world champion in an attempt to start another fight, according to TMZ Sports.

Tyson was leaving the Los Angeles venue following his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr, which ended in a draw between the two heavyweights. 

As he left, Tyson encountered a group of fans seeking autographs, which included one person in particular who shouted out to the Baddest Man on the Planet asking why he wouldn't fight him. 

Tyson responded jokingly, saying the fight might not end well for the fan, who proceeded to swing at the boxer and then reach into the waistband of his pants. 

Tyson's team intervened before events could worsen, and the individual in question fled the scene promptly. However, some member's of Iron Mike's team recognised the fan from previous signings, where he similarly tried to cause trouble. 

Tyson has before complained about the audacity of fans when it comes to taking photos with their hero and has spoken of the need to hire bodyguards to protect him. 

"These guys have got weapons and guns, they want to take pictures - and you are going to say: ‘No you are not going to take a picture'.


"I tell the guards, I am like, ‘Let them take a picture.' There are about 45 of them (waiting in line).

"I thought that because I had big ­bodyguards that it would scare people. But no."

The fan ought to count himself lucky, whereas previous devout fans of the heavyweight boxer haven't escaped similarly unscathed.

During Floyd Mayweather's victory over Manny Pacquiao in 2015, a fan grabbed Tyson from behind to take a selfie. The fan got an elbow to the chest in response and was scolded by another member of the crowd. 

Tyson also had to pay a fan £6.2 million after he broke their jaw when the fan repeatedly hounded the boxer for his autograph

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