Lionel Messi: 'Horrifying' video shows what Barcelona icon has to deal with leaving Camp Nou

Messi looked uncomfortable during a recent exchange with fans

It’s no secret that Lionel Messi is unsettled at Barcelona. 

The Argentine – renowned by many as the greatest footballer of all time – came close to leaving the club this summer. 

Many never thought they’d never see the day that Messi pushed for a move but after 16 years at Camp Nou, it seems he’s done.

The only thing that kept him at Barcelona for the 2020-21 season was his reluctance to force an exit through the courts. 

Instead, Messi will likely depart next summer when he becomes a free agent. 

Wherever he goes, the GOAT will be mobbed by fans. That’s pretty much a given due to his status in the game. 

But recently, a video has surfaced showing just how much Messi has to put up with whenever he leaves the house. Check out the clip below: 

As you can see, all he’s trying to do is drive, but he can’t even do that. 

Supporters have surrounded his car begging for any sort of interaction with the superstar, who obliges by giving them a thumbs up and a few smiles. 

But Messi is clearly uncomfortable throughout. Just give the man some space. 

Messi is entitled to a private life

Some were quick to condemn those pushy fans on social media, suggesting that these sort of things can be ‘horrifying’ for footballers. 

“That looks horrifying from his perspective, can’t even drive somewhere without a camera being flung in his face,” one wrote. 

Another said: “Let the guy ****ing breathe, how do you not embarrass yourself by doing this?”

Messi looked uncomfortable throughout the exchange

“I feel sorry for these guys. Yeah, they get paid well, but that has to be frightening to get mobbed all of the time,” a third wrote.

We certainly feel for Messi here too. Everyone is entitled to a private life and it seems that’s something the Barcelona star simply doesn’t get from the moment he leaves the house. 

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