Raul Jimenez injury: Mexican journalist says Arsenal's David Luiz is a 'criminal'

Raul Jimenez is recovering in hospital after fracturing his skull

Wolves' Raul Jimenez is recovering in hospital after fracturing his skull in the 2-1 win over Arsenal on Sunday.

In the opening minutes of the game, the 29-year-old and Gunners defender David Luiz were involved in a sickening clash of heads.

Medics rushed onto the field and Jimenez was immediately taken to hospital. Luiz, despite suffering a nasty head wound, was controversially allowed to continue playing, but was eventually taken off at half-time.

"Thanks for your support messages," Jimenez posted on Twitter late last night after undergoing emergency surgery on Sunday evening.

"I will be under observation and I hope to return to the pitch soon."

We really do hope Jimenez is back and banging in Premier League goals as soon as possible.

It was a truly horrible incident to watch and you could see the look of horror in Luiz's eyes after seeing the Mexican striker unconscious on the stretcher.

But every logical football fan knows the Brazilian is not to blame for the incident, as he was simply going for the ball to try and score from a corner.

However, one Mexican journalist has shamefully labelled the Arsenal man a 'criminal' for his part in the accidental clash of heads on Twitter.

Guillermo Schutz's tweet translated reads: "David Luiz is a criminal in a soccer jersey. You only have to see the image to know the intention of this hitter for hire. Wishing a speedy recovery to Raúl Jiménez."

Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful. A person with a significant social media presence - Schutz has around 230,000 followers on Twitter - should know a lot better.

His comments are dangerous, as he's essentially claiming that a footballer has deliberately attempted to end the career of a fellow professional in a brutal way - which is ludicrous.

If Schutz has any shred of dignity left, he'll issue an apology to Luiz as soon as possible.

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