WWE news: Jeff Hardy takes dangerous bump on RAW - 'expected' that he has a concussion

Hardy could have been left concussed after dangerous WWE RAW spot

There's not a star in WWE today that's more hardcore than Jeff Hardy. 

Whether it's smashing through tables or diving off the top of ladders, the 'Charismatic Enigma' seems to put his body on the line each and every week.

So it's hardly surprising that his match with Elias on RAW included a number of scary spots. 

The bout itself was billed as a 'Symphony of Destruction' match which, in simple terms, was just a weapons match but every object at ringside was related to music. 

It was Hardy who picked up the win, finishing the contest by hitting a Swanton Bomb on Elias, sending him through a table.

But fans soon noticed Jeff may have suffered a serious injury in that final spot.

As he crashed into Elias, Hardy's head hit the edge of the steel steps and a referee could be seen checking on the RAW star as he lay there. You can see the clip below:

Ouch. Viewers were quick to speculate that Hardy could have suffered a concussion and although that hasn't officially been confirmed, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the incident.

"The word I got was that he was okay. I don’t know what that means. I’ve heard that about a lot of people that have been banged in the head," Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

"I think to a degree, going through the table did slow him down but he still banged the back of the head on the steps." 

Hardy may have concussed himself on RAW

While Alvarez suggested Hardy is okay, Meltzer noted that those in WWE 'expected' that he would have suffered a concussion.

"He hit the back of his head and he grabbed it right away and he was walking around like he was hurting real bad.

"That wasn’t a sell. He was looking to see if he split his head open, which it didn’t appear that he did. 

Hardy looked injured after the dangerous spot

"But I had heard that there was kind of an expectation that he had a concussion but he hadn’t been diagnosed as having one because that wouldn’t come as yet anyway."

It was certainly a worrying bump. We just hope Jeff's okay. 

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