Liverpool: Investigation into Mo Salah's 'offside' goal vs Brighton carried out by Reds fan


Liverpool probably warranted to launch the VAR monitor into the English Channel after their draw with Brighton & Hove Albion at the weekend.

There has been no shortage of controversy surrounding the technology that has been implemented in the Premier League over the last two seasons and the Reds really bit the bullet on Saturday.

That's because the reigning champions were denied three points on the south coast, conceding two penalties, the latter of which was awarded by VAR after a foul from Andrew Robertson.

Brighton 1-1 Liverpool

There was a clear feeling amongst the Liverpool camp that their opponents, who were admittedly impressive in their own right, had the rub of the green at the Amex Stadium.

And the frustration of the Merseysiders was most apparent before half-time when Mohamed Salah had what looked to be a perfectly legitimate goal ruled out for offside.

The Egyptian's smart finish was originally allowed to stand, but reviews from VAR appeared to show that he was the wrong side of the Brighton back four by the finest of margins.


Salah ruled as offside

The left-most side of Salah's strongest foot looked to have strayed closer to the Brighton goal than the right boot of Ben White, though many supporters were suspicious of the lines.

Such intricate offside calls have been a real point of anger for Premier League fans recently and the Anfield faithful, in particular, had barely gotten over the Sadio Mane overruling against Everton.

And although three days have passed since the call, it's clearly still on the minds of Kopites and Reddit user u/Haitchpeasauce has given it more thought than most with a full-on investigation.


Liverpool fan investigates

They used 3D modelling software to recreate the body of White for the offside decision, attempting to corroborate their opinion that Salah was onside by showing that VAR lines could be flawed.

"This is by no means a definitive final answer on whether Salah was onside or not, although personally I believe he was on," the supporter disclaimed.

"The purpose here is merely to demonstrate that the VAR offside evaluation system could potentially create false positive rulings. 

"What we can conclude is what we already know, that VAR in its current state is not equipped to make a precise measurement. In this situation VAR should advise the ref that it is too close to call."

You can check out the full Reddit post down below to see the comprehensive argument and diagrams that suggest the VAR lines may not have been arranged correctly for the Salah decision:

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Is VAR flawed?

If you're looking for this Reddit post to settle the Salah vs Brighton debate, then you're going to be disappointed, but the fan wasn't trying to make that point.

The one they were trying to make, however, has been brilliantly posited and suggests there could be reason to admit the fallibility of the technology when offside decisions concern a matter of inches.

Besides, enough doubt has been cast on the positioning of the line for the Salah incident to suggest that whether the decision was correct or not, the way they arrived at it certainly wasn't.


Either way, though, it's fair to say that VAR has more detractors than supporters these days and it's difficult not to roll your eyes when an offside decision is awarded for an armpit or toenail.

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