WWE news: Nia Jax fires back at criticism she 'injures' other talent after latest RAW botch

Jax has hit back at criticism from WWE fans

Nia Jax has faced criticism in the past over 'injuring' fellow WWE Superstars.

There's little denying that she has a - perhaps somewhat unfair - reputation for hurting other talent. 

Fans often point to previous incidents with Charlotte Flair, Bayley, R-Truth and Becky Lynch to claim that she's a 'dangerous' worker.

But the truth of the situation is that Jax wouldn't be where she is in WWE if that was all true. 

In fact, she's been trusted to safely put Lana through a table NINE weeks in a row... so make of that what you will.

Still, Jax has been trending again this week for another 'botch' she made on RAW. 

During her tag team match against Lana and Asuka, Nia was seen awkwardly diving through the ropes when there was no need to do so. Check out the clip below: 

There's no doubt the spot looked quite silly, but harmless mistakes like that can happen to anyone. No one was hurt, but wrestling Twitter still decided to call attention to it.  

Luckily, Nia saw the funny side of it, firing back at her critics. 

"Umm, I was charging at Little Jimmy, he had it coming," she sarcastically replied, quote tweeting the video. 

One fan then said, 'Don't hurt little Jimmy' and Jax responded by making light of her 'reputation' of hurting other wrestlers. 

"Too late. I'm sure the dirt sheets will report that I "legitimately" injured Jimmy and he will be out for 6-8 weeks," she wrote.  

That's one way to fire back at your critics. Fair enough, Nia. Unfortunately, her tweets haven't gone down well with too many WWE fans.

Some have been criticising her for making light of the situation, while others suggested that if she's aware of the backlash, that she should 'change her behaviour' and 'stop injuring talent' to avoid it.  

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