PlayStation vs Xbox: New study identifies who the smarter gamers are


According to a recent study by the team at Royal Panda, people who own a PlayStation are smarter than Xbox owners.

The study saw 1,001 gamers participate – so perhaps Xbox users can take the results with a pinch of salt – with four tests completed to determine verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, visual reasoning and logical reasoning.

The participants also completed a basic cognitive skills test.

Royal Panda also asked all the gamers about their gaming habits, in particular what games they enjoyed playing, and used the data to collate together a personal IQ.

In the final results, PC gamers came out on top with a collective IQ of 112.3, with PlayStation users in second place on 110.7.

Meanwhile, Xbox gamers were behind in third, with an IQ of 103.8. In comparison, the ‘average’ IQ score in the UK is around 100.

Looking at the four aforementioned categories in more detail, PC players came out on top in both mathematical ability and verbal intelligence.


The PlayStation participants, meanwhile, topped the charts for both logical and visual reasoning. Xbox users ranked third in all four categories, with fourth and fifth places shared by Nintendo Switch and mobile gamers.

Each gamer was asked to provide their primary game choice, with those who played Rainbow Six Siege coming out on top with a collective IQ of 120.3.

The runner-up was Among Us gamers, with a score of 118.9, followed by Minecraft (116.3), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (111.2) and FIFA (106.5).

Looking further down that particular list, GTA Online gamers are apparently slightly below the reported national average, with its collective IQ coming in at 99.6, whilst popular titles Rocket League (99.3), Candy Crush Saga (96.4) and Angry Birds (95.8) are also featured.


Of course, as we mentioned earlier, 1,000 heads isn’t a particularly large sample size in order to produce fully accurate results, so we can safely assume this isn’t quite representative of the whole population.

Nonetheless, they are still interesting to look at on a small scale.

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