Mike Tyson: George Foreman claims Iron Mike is capable of beating any of world's top heavyweights


Former heavyweight champion George Foreman has claimed that Mike Tyson could beat any current boxing heavyweight.

Foreman believes Tyson, now aged 54, could challenge all current heavyweights, including Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

In the first time in over 15 years, Tyson stepped into a boxing ring to face Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match last weekend.

Fans across the world tuned in to watch Tyson lace up his gloves one more time to step in the ring with another boxing great in Jones Jr.

The two boxing legends went toe-to-toe for eight two-minute rounds, which eventually resulted in a draw as both fighters agreed not to look for a knockout.

Many boxing fans felt that Tyson won the bout even though it was an exhibition, with many impressed by his performance.

Included in those impressed is former boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion George Foreman.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Foreman stated that Tyson could fight the world’s current top heavyweights, saying: “If he gets three more exhibitions like that, at that level, I would even back him in challenging any title contender, even a champion.

If the situation arrived, Mike Tyson could be in for a good title shot, and with more of these exhibitions, he can beat some of these guys who can be champion out there

Foreman continued with how impressed he thought the exhibition was, and said: “I was on the edge of my seat. I did exhibitions with Sonny Liston, I’ve seen Muhammad Ali do exhibitions, but I’ve never seen one that exciting, never.”

Tyson boxed with Jones Jr. in eight two-minute rounds, rather than the usual three-minutes. However, Foreman believes that in this setting, ‘Iron Mike’ would be tough to stop for any current top heavyweight.


Foreman continued, saying: “If you go eight two-minute rounds, I’d back Tyson. 10 two-minute rounds, I’d back Tyson!.”

Mike Tyson vs Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury in 2021, anyone?

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