Neil Warnock goes on incredible rant following Stoke 1-0 Middlesbrough in Championship

Neil Warnock

Neil Warnock has done a brilliant job at Middlesbrough.

The Englishman was appointed Boro manager in June with the club in massive danger of being relegated.

Middlesbrough were on the slide and, with just eight games of the 2019/20 Championship season to go, were only outside of the relegation zone on goal difference.

But Warnock steadied the ship as he guided the north Yorkshire side to a comfortable 17th place finish.

Warnock, now 72, agreed to stay on for another year.

Neil Warnock

Middlesbrough had started well this season but they succumbed to a defeat to Stoke on Saturday afternoon.

Nathan Collins scored the only goal of the game in the 19th minute to give his side all three points.

Warnock is never a happy man and he was absolutely seething in his interview with Middlesbrough's YouTube channel after the game.

He went on an incredible rant about Stoke and the facilities they provided his side.

"The facilities we got changed in were an absolute disgrace today. I wouldn't have put animals in it," he said.

"The toilets were blocked up, you've got fumes coming in from a bloody engine outside the dressing room, water everywhere on the floor. It's a disgrace for the Championship, absolute disgrace.

"I hope we do the same when we play them up at our place. We weren't even social distancing where we were, in these cabins that they put in We might as well have been in the dressing room. We're too nice us up here."

Warnock continued his rant in his post-match interview.

"It's nice to get in here [the press room] where it's quite warm. Those changing rooms were a pigsty. In fact, pigs would have seen it and run away," he said, per the Daily Mail.

"They stuck us in a little portacabin. Now you can't tell me with social distancing we wouldn't have been better off in the dressing room.

"We give them everything at Middlesbrough - heat, lovely room, and we're in a pigsty around the corner here.

"The toilets don't work, they're blocked. We had fumes coming in before the game and we had to get the maintenance guy in. Why didn't they look at that before we arrived?

Neil Warnock rages at the ref after Stoke 1-0 Middlesbrough

"The showers were leaking, water everywhere on the floor. It's an absolute disgrace. I didn't say anything to the players before the game because you don't want to make excuses, but it was an absolute disgrace today that.

"There's no way we're giving them a dressing room when they come up our place. If our chairman won't, I'll pay for a portacabin!

"I haven't said anything to the players because I'm not about making excuses for the result.

"You just shouldn't be made to change in a place like that. My dressing room was another portacabin 20 yards further down the road, water all over the floor and bloody freezing.

"We've taken pictures. It's out of order. I know there's a pandemic, but when you look at the facilities we give teams at Middlesbrough, I'm sure Stoke City from the Premier League can be better than that.'

Never change, Neil.

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