Peter Alliss: Legendary commentator known as 'The Voice of Golf' has died aged 89


Peter Alliss, the legendary golf commentator, has died at the age of 89.

Alliss was a household name and voice for golf fans around the world, providing the soundtrack in fans’ homes during golfing tournaments.

Known as “The Voice of Golf”, Peter Alliss has been covering tournaments over the years.

Alliss first appeared in the world of golf back in 1961, where he started his career as a commentator for the BBC. Fast forward to 1978, he was made lead commentator. He led the BBC’s coverage for over half a century.

In a statement, Alliss’ family said: “It is with great sadness we announce the passing of golfing and broadcast legend Peter Alliss.”

Describing the death as “unexpected but peaceful,” the statement continued, with the family saying: “Peter was a devoted husband, father and grandfather and his family ask for privacy at this difficult time.”

As a player, the golf legend won a total of 31 tournaments. As he retired in 1975, he continued his career with his iconic, witty commentary.

In 2012, Alliss was inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame, in the ‘lifetime achievement’ category.

Alliss was on commentary for the Masters tournament that took place in Georgia last month – a delayed competition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The golf icon was also a big help to former James Bond actor Sean Connery, who Alliss gave lessons to for the filming of ‘Goldfinger’, for a scene where Bond plays golf against his enemy. If that wasn’t enough, the lessons began a lifelong love of playing golf for Connery.

Many have paid tribute to the golf legend over social media and across the world. A truly brilliant commentator – golf will never be the same.

Rest in peace, Peter Alliss.

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