Millwall fans boo taking the knee: Government minister says the supporters 'should be respected'

Millwall fans made their feelings clear on Saturday

A section of Millwall fans caused huge controversy by booing their own players for taking the knee on Saturday afternoon. 

For the first time in eight months, supporters were allowed into 'The Den' to watch their team play Derby County, but it didn't take long for them to utterly embarrass themselves.

Loud jeers rang around the stadium - packed with 2,000 home fans - as players paused to take the knee ahead of kickoff. 

Their 'statement' was quickly condemned on social media with many supporters, players and pundits alike appalled by their moronic actions. 

Millwall have responded by saying they're 'dismayed and saddened' by that reaction from some fans, Derby's interim manager Wayne Rooney said that sort of behaviour is a 'shame'.

However, it seems not everyone is condemning the booing. 

Conservative MP George Eustice has jumped to the defence of Millwall supporters, even suggesting they should be 'respected' for their actions. 

"My personal view is that black lives matter, capital B, L and M, is actually a political movement that is different to what most of us believe in, which is standing up for racial equality," he said during an appearance on Sky News. 

"Each individual can take their own choices about how they reflect this and I know a number of people feel quite strongly and have taken that approach."

After being played a clip of the fans booing - which he had not seen - the UK environment secretary said supporters should be 'respected' for reflecting their views.  

Both sets of players took the knee on Saturday

"There have been problems obviously with racism in football in the past. It’s right that that’s called out and challenged when we see it. 

"If people choose to express their view in a particular way that should always be respected." 

It's utterly disappointing to see a UK government minister fail to condemn the actions of those Millwall fans this weekend. How embarrassing. 

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