Stuttgart's Silas Wamangituka booked for unsportsmanlike conduct after scoring


Scoring a goal is the greatest feeling in the world.

Imagine scoring twice in one game to win your side all three points.

That was what Silas Wamangituka did for Stuttgart on Sunday afternoon.

During their away trip to Werder Bremen, Wamangituka gave his side a first half lead from the penalty spot.

Then in second half injury-time, a mix up in defence allowed the 21-year-old to literally walk the ball into the net.

And walk the ball into the net he did.

With goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka and the Werder Bremen defence showing no signs of chasing him back, Wamangituka decided to waste a few seconds by taking him time before smashing the ball into the back of the net.

It was something that earned Wamangituka a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct with fans on social media calling it the most disrespectful goal of all-time.

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Imagine getting booked for scoring a goal.

In truth, we reckon it was pretty harsh. He could have got down in his knees and headed it in. That would have been more disrespectful…

Incidentally, Werder Bremen went up the other end and got themselves back into the game through Davie Selke. Selke was actually the player who took offence to Wamangituka and also picked up a booking himself after the goal.


Those extra few seconds that Wamangituka wasted may have actually won his side the lead.

After the match, Selke spoke out about his reaction to the goal to which he said: "I think that was disrespectful, there is no need to beat around the bush. The boy makes a good game, then he should just push the ball in after such an individual mistake by us and should be happy about his second goal..."

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